I Just Need A Friend

I tend to spend a lot of my time alone.. I swear I have a problem. I'm not motivated by anything, well one thing, my boyfriend. But he has his on thing that he does. I don't know why nothing brings me any motivation. I just stay in my room on my computer for honeslty I can say days, and I make myself feel depressed and unhealthy.. I need a friend, but everyone I talk to I don't enjoy being around. When someone comes and visits I start to feel anti social and I just wait until they get bored so they can leave. I use to have a bestfriend when I as younger and me and her did everything together! I guess I just really miss the companionship of a bestfriend.
coralclown coralclown
2 Responses May 9, 2012

Loneliness is one of the worst things to deal with, but you can cope with it by distracting your mind. Putting your thoughts into something other than loneliness, like a hobby. Crafts, or exercise, music lessons. Put your time and energy into something that will make you feel good, and who knows, maybe you meet a friend or two ;) you have to be happy with yourself before you can try to be happy with someone else, a friend or a bf/gf

I feel the same way you do, I'm a young boy and I just can't find happiness. I have huge dreams and I want to change the world, but I don't even feel the motivation to do anything. I feel like I need a friend too, I feel the same way as you. Nobody I talk to really seems like a true friend to me, and I don't enjoy being with them very much. The result is the same as yours, I end up stuck in my room feeling depressed and unhealthy. The truth is i'm the type of person who loves meeting people and im outgoing and caring, but nobody seems to see that except for my close family who lives in another country. I hope you will find a new best friend, someone who you feel happy around. Good luck wherever you go