Looking For Female Friend In New York To Practice Tantric Yoga And Meditation

I'm on meditation since long time but couldn't find favourable results. Because devil obstacle like cupidity, and other millions of bad thoughts because human mind behaves like monkey so it's very hard to control it. I tried my utmost to kill and fight with these anymies but for a time being i do sucessful in doing so. but not for permanent.I felt myself helpless because after after sometimes these supressed thoughts bursted in blaze and looked like to emblaze me too. and i had to deprive of further meditation. In this way my meditation was going on. But still I sometimes approached to high stages of divinity and i had many
perceptions in spirituality. But from last long time I was totally out of this field due to my cupid desire and my wife is absolutely neutral to sex. So the problem grow more critical. But then I come to know about the tantric yoga and meditation and attended one class. There I was so surprised to find that how much sexuality has the divine positive power in it.Only we have to learn how to convert in constructive positive energy. but my problem is this i have no female friend so i can't practice it on regular bases. That's what I looking for female friend in NY. Any body interested can contact me. 
kavins50 kavins50
46-50, M
May 9, 2012