I Can Count My Best Friends On 0 Hands

As my name suggests, I am a nerd.
I enjoy the technological wonders of computer programming, specifically the gaming side.
However, since secondary school, its become easier and easier to keep to myself and not trust anyone...
Most guys i've met are just plain jerks, doing everything they can to get a little bit of attention no matter the cost.
The guy i considered my best friend way back when turned his back on me when i needed him most after 7 years of friendship, i was suddenly not worth it after standing up to the guy that was bullying me who happened to be his friend for the past year.
Long story short, i was on the *** end of an ***-kicking during my walk home from school and my "best friend" took off laughing with the guy that beat me up.
Going through the next two years at secondary school and nearly three years of college now, i still can't find anyone who wont turn their back on me the moment they find it funny, have a the momentary attention of people/a girl, or are just plain jerks as ive said.
I've tried opening up to people again, but all that happens is they turn their back on me, ignore me or merely use the information for personal gain, usually to gain a laugh at my expense.
Going through good times and bad in and out of college, i still yern for someone to just talk to and not have the fear of being judged, having my information spread and just having someone i actually want to talk to. Not that i am a hypocrite, I try my best to treat others as i want to be treated but that just isnt working.
With no girlfriend either and a busy family, i became my own best friend, enjoying my own company, relying only on myself and generally trying to be the best me i can be (and yes, this gets mocked in class).
So yea...that's my little rant i just wanted to get out.
If anyone out there who reads this would like a guy friendo, who pretty much would just like a hug at this point, is a good advice giver (so i'm told), and a genuine, honest person to talk to, drop me a message.
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2 Responses May 10, 2012

people suck and they always will dont let them get to. and being lonely isnt so bad we were born in this world alone and we will die alone even if people are standing around us. someone can be in a room full of people and still feel alone. once you find love and receive it back you will have all the friends you need. so keep hope and keep looking for ur girl!

u have skype?