I Need A Friend To Talk To

My name is Val I am 66 year old married woman. I am very lonely. I would love to have a friend to talk to. I have just had a knee replacement. My son and grandchildren are preparing to leave the country to start a new life in UK needless to say I am very depressed.
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66-70, F
2 Responses May 12, 2012

It's hard when you are lonely and you have to smile to please everyone else or because you have to. You want to be happy and you feel depressed because it's hard to accept that you are thinking about yourself. Have you spoken to your child or grandchildren about setting a date for a holiday...something to look forward to. Have you set up skype..it is easier than you think ok you can't cuddle over skype but you can see each other. Tell your grandchildren that you love them dearly and there is always a place for them with you. Get your son/daughter to set up skype and a time and day when you can talk or maybe read your grandchildren a story etc., :-)

Live is depend on someone, dear. This is new life and the new life opens up a door for you. We may not have what we want, but will have something to cherish and live. So, by longing for what we will not get let us create a new world around us. Life is a train journey. So, we will welcome new people, new life, new world.