Psychopath Daughter

After years of emotional torture, I have finally realised that my daughter is a psychopath. The problem is that I really love her and am having difficulty in breaking the bond. I am told that the only way to protect yourself from a psychopath is to get as far away from them as possible. Yet how can I abandon my own daughter? She is grown up, but does not realise what she is, I have not told her and was warned not to. The pain in my heart is so great! What do i do? Is there anyone that has similar experiences, if so please advise.
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2 Responses May 13, 2012

See what is the reason for her psychopath and you are thinking of running away and abandoning. How come? if she is psychopath, this is the time she needs a father or mother to be close.

I have researched the make up of a psychopath. They are born that way and there is no cure. Not all psychopaths are criminals. They can appear to be very loving, but they manipulate you and ultimately destroy you emotionally. I think if proper research was done one would find that many suicides were actually victims of a psychopath. Researches say that 1 in 50 people are psychopaths to varying degrees. You should look it up. It is quite scary, like we have these monsters lurking in our midst's and the only way to protect yourself is to become firstly informed.

You don't abandon your children. Ever. If you think she has a problem and she is unable to take care of herself you can go to court and have her commited so she can get help. I would always talk to my children first, since I would not want to loose them.

Thank you for taking interest of my dilemma. The problem is that my daughter is grown up and out of the house. She lies very skillfully when I try and give her advice to set her straight. I can never believe her. She is into drugs and has moved into the home of a man who shoots drugs (needle). When I try and persuade her to change she withdraws and ignores me, she does not answer my calls and gives me the cold shoulder. This hurts me deeply, but I love her too much to break the bond completely. Hoever, I do know that this cannot continue, something has to give. Thats why I am trying to build up the courage to break all ties with her