I Miss Having A Best Friend.

Do you remember being a kid and have one or two friends you could always call to vent to or to just talk to. I miss that. I haven't had a best friend since college. People move away and I guess I just was never close enough to them to keep in touch. It's much harder as a grownup to make new friends. The people pool at work is limited and rarely changes. Most people my age are married. They go out on double dates. Even parents of my children's friends are all married. i don't like to be a 3rd or 5th wheel so I avoid it. What ever happened to random meeting like when you were in school. Someone likes a button on your backpack and you start up a conversation. that doesn't exist in the growup world.
LadyOfTheMind LadyOfTheMind
3 Responses May 13, 2012

It exist for me, Here on EP. I have met several and they know me well. I have even fallen in love here and have met in real world :-) . Donnt be afraid to dream, you never know what will happen....

I know how you feel. Growing up I had a friend that I could tell anything to. We would move and I would have to find a new friend. Again and again. Now, I can tell my wife some things but not everything. It feels like if I don't tell someone, I'll go insane. Perhaps I already am insane.

The thing about making friends is to first make friends with yourself. You must not appear to be needy but rather come across as someone who is more concerned about others. When you meet people, don't go on about yourself, but rather take interest in others and show sincere concern. Find out about clubs and singles' meeting venues. Be brave and get out of your home and comfort zone. But always be aware that there are predators out there so be careful.