Friendship - How You Can Analyze It My Way

did your friend be with you always when you needed him or her?  think of 5 troubled instances  give 1 score for instance where the friend was with you.

i am there for friends when they need me. may not be physically available but will remain connected. so openness comes naturally only when your are connected to friends.

did your friend criticize you for mistakes you did and even saved you from mess at crucial stage of your life? if you negate to the answer - you still need a true friend.
:) a true friend will be with you and taking care of you not necessary moniteraly but by giving love,care and understanding you. need to be a good listener.

did you come across a good listener to your problems? if yes chances that person may tend to move towards being a good friend.

life moves on and on and in my quest to make millions of friends the only way i can communicate to those millions is through telling them in one sentence 'Dear Friends - forgive me if i made mistake; dont penalize me and always remain with me as i will be with you overlooking your imperfections or perfections and value your soul which needs to be befriended.
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5 Responses May 17, 2012

Looking at friendship in your perspective....looks like I might have 1. And that would be myself!

Again I like the points you make. I am not here to judge or even to preach. I feel the best way is to love no matter what. That does not mean that I approve of your lifestyle, but I am going to love you for who you are. For thing I am understanding a little more about myself because of the contact I have with all of you. Something that my niece accused me of before she left this world. I want to do things a little differently. But please understand that I am still a pastor and I will use God's Word. Because this is the only thing that got me through fourteen years of physical, sexual, and emotional abuse. I will not judge you so please do not judge because of the faith I have chosen.

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I liked your story

Well I took my score card out and checked the five instances and my score was a big 0. I don't think I've ever had a true friend. I have some friends on here by not real close. We do chat a little but that is all.

dont worry. you will get good friends too. hope you liked my rationale? maybe we end up being friends.