Can't Get Over Ex

So I'm 16 and my ex is 18. I was his first proper gf and his first while he was my first bf. we dated for almost 2 months but never kissed cause he was too frigid, never wanted to kiss in school because didnt want to make things awkward for people around us and we only went on one date because since he's a senior he was a;ways busy with work. So after repeated pleads from my friends i said on text that we should break up (bad decision i know) and turns out he leaves for uni a few days after his ffinal exam. I even put forward the idea that i want to get back together with him but he said maybe and that it might be a bad idea cause he's leaving. 
   In my opinion i dont know if this is true but a week after we broke up there was this massive party that i insisted he come to, i didnt see him, so i kissed a senior who later i find out has a gf and is friends with Aaron ( my ex) what worries me now the most is that Aaron found out and doesn't have any feelings for me. This party was about a month ago. 
    So the thing is what do I do know, I sent him a text 14 days ago saying we should go on another date since we wont ever see each other again. I know he read the message cause it was whatsapp but he didnt reply, so the tihng is I still have feelings for him.
How do I get him back!
Zareenh Zareenh
1 Response May 25, 2012

Sad but true you problay cna not get him back. It sounds like he made up his a while ago. Plus he is leaving fro school. Plus he never kissed you . You can give up and move on. Ipromise there will ab another. Or try to just be freinds and hope some day he will see things differently. But I would not count on that.