The Real Deal!

I should be mad as hell right now, but I'm not. I feel as if I was let down in some ways, but I am not mad. I feel as if more should have been done, but it wasn't and it's not.
I have realized in the past week that life is full of surprises, but now is where I am confused with what WE THE PEOPLE have done with all our rights in life. Or was we involved with what is going on in the world... did we say we wanted the laws to be as they are?

When did we vote that it would make more sense to let another human enter our home and attack us with just letting them off with a payment of $200.00? I never remember hearing them asking us... do you?
This girl was only charged with disorderly conduct! How the hell is that? She attacked me and in front of my children and drunk! Not to mention left the scene and driving with two children of her own drunk!
What do you think she should have been charged with?
When did we vote that a child supposedly saying something at school or should I call it  PLAY GROUND TALK turn into a felony when the person in question isn't even a student, but a grown man? I personally think that we were overlooked on that one as well.
Do you truly know what it feels like to get a police report that is a page 1/2 of someone attacking me in my own home in detail... well detail for these parts since they got a few things wrong and had no clue how to word crap... and then get a police report on a felony of supposedly hearsay Play ground talk in less than a paragraph without much detail at all?
The feeling of watching your own child sit inside all summer long as everyone gets to come and go as they please, but my child can't even step foot outside on their own front porch. The fresh smell of the outside or the feel of the sun hitting your body may not be an option anymore in their life... sad thing is no one knows how it feels more than them self. Life drained out as each day passes and time moves so much slower than usual with boredom of dead end ideas limited to inside the four walls that surround my child.

I thought that the law would protect my child, but when the person in question is related to the law... the law protects the other person.
I say that with what all we are personally going through in life... I type from personal experience.
I did not grow-up in this small town, but only 30 miles away. I knew how small towns work from my own hometown... which is a little more crooked than this one, but all the same... doesn't make it right! I know how the local law works here cause I was at one time a good friend to the brother of this man in question along with most the other law enforcers here... so I know just how he does when it comes to his loser brother. Makes me mad as hell cause now when my family is the one involved with what is going on with his brother... I know just how much of a snake he can be and with him being co-workers with the other law men of this place... my child is being railroaded!
How can I help when they are playing dirty? If I play dirty I could hurt my child, but if we play by the books... well they could destroy my child's future. I smell something fishy being that this man called me before my child even got home from school... want to even say before school even let out. I had a few people here and talking to me at the same time, but I did get the part of somebody saying that my child said something about him and he wanted me to talk to my child. I told him I would when my child got home... which was a hour away at that time and get back in touch with him. He told me at that time something about out of his hands. Didn't trigger in my mind then, but sure did when the law surrounded our house. How can you know something that is going on at a school you do not attend nor have a child attending before they even get out? If this did happen at school and there was concern... wouldn't you think the school would be involved in some way shape or form?
Funny how almost two months have past as we have yet seen anything showing anything that would concern anyone about a threat! Funny how our lawyer hasn't been able to get statements nor anything else from the local law... that to me sounds as if they are trying to pull something out their pockets. Which will not surprise me if they do bring something to the table after all this time that has past and loose ends they have... they have had enough time to fake something. They should think about time frames being my child didn't leave for anywhere except school that week in question... let alone that day in question! My child was in trouble from the Sunday before... he wasn't allowed to be on the phone, have company nor leave that whole week... unless my child was at school.
Doesn't make sense when my child just stood there scared... funny cause that night I had this man and his wife talk good stuff on my child, but now... my child is so bad and vengeful towards you. Why cause you did not see a threat until a week later? Why would you do that to someone? Are you mad cause your wife's child got sent off and mine didn't. Now it's eating at her with the lies she said to put her child away and away from their life? What will they gain from doing this to my child? They had to know that if you treat someone like they did her child... I have seen a few occasions where she would hit her child in back of the head and sent to their room for no reason, other than wanting to party with their friends.
My child does not come from a home that has ever treated them bad nor unfair... so how do they even get off with anything that is being said?
Well if they do charge my child may gain the right to attend Alternative school until they graduate. My child may gain the right to have most people turn my child away from a good job cause of this charge. My child may be able to go to college if wanted to, but if they will allow my child if this is added to their record is another story. My child may gain the right to be able to leave home without calling someone to ask. My child may gain the right to step outside without the fear of going back to jail for doing so. My child may gain the right to have some kind of life, but only if we can clear their record of what has cost me $3500.00 so far and counting. My child may gain the right of something, but their fate is in the hands of a crooked justice system WE THE PEOPLE have allowed to go on right in front of our everyday faces! How's that for a dose of reality?

Do you know it took us about 2 months just to see a police report? Do you know that when they told my child to come with them so they could ask a few questions... that a few questions were... "Did you say it?" As soon as my child said "No", they had my child taken to YDC. Where this mans nephew escorts my child with harsh reality of who he was and how he was related to the man in question. How is all this even legal? Doesn't that have a conflict of interest? Where is justice being done here?
  My child was suppose to get two calls a day for 5 minutes a piece, but only got one! When we went to my child's arrangement... never seen a judge nor a lawyer... just to have someone call us to the side and tell us we can pick my child up... this lady couldn't even tell me where to get my child at! HAD NO CLUE FOLKS!!!! I just happen to figure it out myself! They only put a monitor on my child leg and said my child couldn't go outside nor step foot out the door... that is just inhuman if you ask me... being that if my child was still locked-up... my child would be able to have outside time!
Tell me... do you know the feeling of having your child stand two feet away from the doorway entrance as you are grilling out and enjoying life? The feeling of sitting in a new hot tub that my child can't even touch, but can sleep 3 yards from every night? The simple feeling of playing basketball and your child watches as they fight to catch sunlight through the windows just to feel that feeling everyone else takes advantage of in everyday life. The simple task of taking the trash out or maybe even grabbing something out the car/truck... my child is not able to take role in these days!
Maybe even the feeling of someone coming in our personal owned home and attacking me in front of my kids and all they got was a slap on the wrist with a $200.00 fine while getting out upon payment compared to the $3500.00 I just paid to just hire a lawyer on this supposedly playground talk and my child can't even go outside in their own yard nor their porch!

It really hits my nerves in an uneasy way when I see all this firsthand... it raises an eyebrow with me! How can you make a felony report 1/2 of a paragraph and open with loose ends and then you take a misdemeanor report and detail the hell out of it with a 1 & 1/2 pages? Shouldn't it be the other way around? Why could I just go pick it up the next day, but asking the detective that questioned my child for that report and it takes me two months... FISHY!!!!

How is this good? How is this bad? I have been asking myself that all week long and to beat all... I have been very patient and quiet on what all is going on, but now... I think I might need to start venting so maybe I can find some peace within myself these days! I have reached out to a friend of my past that I trust, but that person hasn't gotten back with me so I need to just have someone help my stay sane here!!!! I am not asking for a tear nor anything of that sort, but just someone to hold my hand and be a real friend... I truly need a few of them these days!

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oh...and save up and move and start fresh.

sometimes things are just so unexplainably wrong and unfair that you have to choose to just ...turn the other direction and put it behind you and refuse to let it take any more of your has already and maybe its enough since it has happened and you cant change it...choose to leave it..I was fired(Im never fired before), a few months ago for having an unexpected tachycardia due to stress(death in the family) and told my boss..uh..i have to lie down for a few minutes and Ill be ok...he said..I dont want you croaking in my restaurant and he harrassed me to leave as I still had palpitations..I could only ...are a monster and go...and I called my brother to tell someone..he said it best...its so wrong and so bad and so ugly...just leave it behind..let it go and dont live another minute of it.. ...hope this helps you...


Oh man! who's gonna read the whole thing! Can you summarize it for me in one word ;) I'm joking but I am tired to read it. I must be a bad friend!