Attacked & Fight Are Two Different Things!

Attacked & Fight are two different things!

Do you know the difference? I know the difference and I was not in a fight... I WAS ATTACKED IN MY OWN HOME!!!!!

Do you know the feeling of being in your own home and get attacked? My face is messed up on the left side pretty bad in my eyes... yeah... starting with my eyes... I have a mark that just did miss my eyeball! The other eye has a mark, but not anywhere near as bad as the left! My forehead has a small scratch on it and my nose... well let's just say I waited to long in going to the doctor so now the scar will be bad and very noticeable without having stitches put in it that night! I have two or three hand fulls of my own hair... damn I hate hair& WANT MINE CUT!!!!! I just know now... I am mad at myself for not fighting back, but it's hard when you have a 10 yr old that has huge enough problems standing a few yards from you! The last time I fought back... my son was traumatized by watching and seeing how I hurt someone... I just didn't want to be the one to do that again! Yet I had no clue my face would get messed up either!

I just didn't feel it I guess! It happened so damn quick... I blinked and she was right there in my face! I thought this girl would have had more bite behind her hit, but to be honest... she had nothing on my 10 yr old. She was just as weak as a small kid, but you know... "A" for effort girly... you gave it your best shot! Now... you just nailed the last nail in getting rid of you!

                   Let's see... run down on the events!

Hooked you up with a guy that I knew you would jump hoops for... which showed people just who you were!

Agreed to allow you to stay here while you got back on your feet since your husband booted your crazy ***... which showed people just how silly you really are... let me count the ways...
1. You didn't have any respect for the ones helping you.
2. You thought that moving a new b/f in not long after staying... not to mention you didn't even ask if he could stay ever!
3. You drank and drove with you kids all the time... showed that you ex is right about your habits!
4. You took advantage of someone reaching out and helping you... you just showed that your just a nasty human with no respect for yourself... what makes you think anyone else will respect you?
5. You needed a babysitter and I took all last summer off just to help you out... you showed that you are just out to use someone cause you never paid me on damn penny!

Need I say more about the type person this person is? Do you want to hear the final draw of ridding this one?
I will back up a tad to fill you in on what lead up to the point of the attack!

I have a few personal things of her kids... (which I love so much) cause she had left and forgot about in another girls car... thought the girls would appreciate them when they were older. I have had this stuff for over a year and she has just recently asked if I would give them to her... well... I have to find them and I explained that to her cause they were put in one of the files! (Which I have enough of to go through) I never had a problem with doing this for her, but I refuse to light a fire for someone that has been disrespectful to me and my family!

Well Monday evening she came by with her man and kids... drunk and driving around with kids... yeah that's good! I'm not sure how she really got past Pappy, but he allowed her to enter this house knowing she smelled of beer! (Not to happy over that part either, but I do understand how it is when it comes to family) I was in the kitchen cleaning up and was about to get my shower, but damn if she didn't mess that up as well! I explained that everything was going on and I just haven't had the time and as soon as I did find them... I would bring them to her or have Pappy take them, but she was getting loud and rude talking about beating someones *** if she didn't get her belongings. I asked her nicely to calm her role with Cody in there, but still she was rude. I then let her know right quick in a calm, but firm voice telling her that I would find and return, but if it wasn't for us getting them for her... they would have been trashed and on top of that... she hasn't been invited nor allowed in our house since we connected our two houses!

I swear to God if y'all have been in our home you will understand this part...

This girl was standing in the archway between the dining room and living room and I was standing on the other side of our bar... when I said that she was allowed inside when the two was connected... it was like I blinked and she was all on me... I wasn't going to fight this stupid girl, but she had it in her head to fight me... it was like I never really felt any of her hits, but thinking about the spot on my head she was hitting... brain damage went through my head as maybe I was just shocked in the event and just not feeling the blows... so I picked up a phone and hit her in the head, but she still wanted to attack me. Cody was freaking out and yelling for Pappy (which had walked outside to say hello to the girls and b/f) to help... Shon came out his room and tried to stop her, but he had no hope with the way I had her head. She grabbed my hair so I grabbed hers to keep hold of her ***... Pappy finally got there and grabbed her *** and tossed her across the floor.

Folks... that was funny cause she bounced on her *** across the floor like a rock on water... and the look on her face... PRICELESS!

She got up and thought she would smooth things over telling Pappy that she loves him... HOW THE HELL YOU THINK YOU CAN LOVE SOMEONE ELSE WHEN YOU DON'T EVEN LOVE YOURSELF??????  She got a dose of reality when it comes to where she stands in his eyes these days! I know that alone has to hurt more than anything I could ever do to her!
Folks... all I have to say is that Potty Chat will be full force on everything when everything goes through court and I can talk!!!!!!
The 1st one will be on....
$3500.00 to start off with a lawyer for Playground talk!
$200.00 to walk in someone else's home and attack them!
The fact this girl learned where she stood with Pappy... PRICELESS!


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your stupid for allowing ****** up people in your house with when you have your kids there. i dont care if you ment to be nice...but if there are rumours about someone being a stupidfuck and this stupidfuck was kicked out of someones house and life already WHY O WHY would you bring in this stupidfuck to the home where your child sleeps??? <br />
<br />
your kindness does should not affect your judgement when it comes to people living and chilling around your own kids.

I have been attacked before as well. Usually drugs or drinking is involved. A man broke into my house once and I took a cast iron skilet and broke his arm as he was covering his head. I knew him and he was messed up on drugs and drinking . I was alot younger then . Also in my first marriage I was an abused house wife. I did not fight back for several years -when I did I beat the crap out of him - then left him for good.<br />
Back then in the early to mid 70's the police would blow off domestic fights .<br />
I never let drunk people in my house - or if I can tell they are messed up - I will slam the door in their face ; and tell them I will call the police if they do not leave.<br />
I am a smaller (though over weight now) older woman at 55 years old-and I will fight with any thing that I CAN GET MY HANDS ON><br />
Also when I was 21 - I was kidnapped and beat up so bad that I could not stand by a guy that I did not want to date. Then I married another man who was a wife beater a few years later . Don't ask me how this happened -because he was not like that until we got married. My true love died in 2002.<br />
I was very pretty when I was young and that was a curse I think some times -though with my smarts now -I wish that I was half that pretty now. You need to bring this woman to justice in full force ; and let her know that her actions will bring results. And defend your self -even in front of your children -they all ready know there is violence happening. I didn't defend myself until that guy broke into my house knocked the wife beater out and tryed to rape me. God - what a world for some of .us.