Looking For Friendship

life is better shared with people in your corner who will stand by you. I would love to make friendship happen with anyone of you regardless of distance age sex past or whatever. Id like to listen and help in whatever way possible as well as share my lifes story with you. :-)
sowitsky sowitsky
22-25, F
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That is just amazing. Please add me I could really use a friend too.


New to this site.

I would also like friends to talk to and to share thoughts with.

Loneliness is terrible so to have someone to talk to and to listen to will be great.

Thank you

add me we can be friends

hey i know how you feel everyone needs to talk to. Even if its stupid things or even serious things its always good to talk to someone and even if that person is a stranger because i feel its easier to open up to a stranger rather than someone you know in real life,

if you like idbe more than happy to chat about life and anything else but only if you like. Also im new to this site

hi :-)

Your first sentance proves that you are wise beyond your years. I worry that the next two show that you have felt pain far beyond your years.
Sometimes we all need someone to listen and be supportive.

Just hit me up

That is so true and now days everybody is so wrapped in their own lives that they don't have time to reach to other people. You can write me and we can become friends. Is a pretty lonely life with no friends

i need a friend that i can talk too

add me ,this is my skype keenoneng

I agree with you hon, everyone needs someone there for them at some point in time. I think that it's great that you posted this, seems to lend out a helping hand for some. Kudos to you. If you'd like to, feel free to add me. I know you probably need an open ear as well at times.

You've come to the right place, I'm proud to have you in my Circle!

Thats the nicest thing anyones ever said to me. Thank you