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No Strings Attached

I want a friend that will listen to me and talk to me. I want to be able to tell that person a problem and will trust them when I say Don't tell anyone. I want someone who will not tell my parents or my brother or other people secrets and problems. Hey, maybe it doesn't even have to be a friend. It could be a stranger... a safe one.

stripesANDsunshine stripesANDsunshine 18-21, F 122 Responses Jun 28, 2008

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i will be your friend =]
what would you like to talk about

Hi, i live in Italy... if you want a friend i'm here

Go ahead im listening

I need a friend too...I wanna pour my heart yo him n yes listen to him also...I really need a stranger friend yes with no string attached

i d like to be ur frnd i ll listen to ur problems

i read your story and im here ready to listen whatever life experiences you want to confide. just have faith.

Hi I read your story and I'm open to listening and to respond to the best of my ability,consider me your friend!

I like that no strings attatched it makes sens as long as there is respect and trust amongs individuals, sounds ok

I am a very private person and I feel the same, I belive in confidentulity and trust I lke listening to other people whe are in simular situations.When you are ready I can listen no strings attached

hit me up...if you need a friend

You can try me.....

i will be the person

Tell me what's up

i would love to talk

I am there.

me too!

we can talk, love too. i can be discreed. We can share, i would like to confess myself about things and not be afraind that anyone will find out.

I'll be your friend :) I may not be able to be there physically, but I'm more than willingly to lend a ear to you with no judgement.

I need someone like that feels like everyone is just taking advantage of me...if you need someone to talk to please message me!

Feel free to try with me.


i also want the same

Welcome to Anonymity

you can talk to me

did u find some supportive friends u were looking for

If u wanna talk, lets talk! I'm a stranger, but I think I can help u... so if u wanna talk, write to me


let try

you can trust and discuss any thing good or bad Although I am stranger to you.

Hey there, I dont know what kinda person u wud like as a best friend but I am a good listener and luv to support people thru their problems.