No Strings Attached

I want a friend that will listen to me and talk to me. I want to be able to tell that person a problem and will trust them when I say Don't tell anyone. I want someone who will not tell my parents or my brother or other people secrets and problems. Hey, maybe it doesn't even have to be a friend. It could be a stranger... a safe one.

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i can do that

Add a response...

i will be your friend =]
what would you like to talk about

Hi, i live in Italy... if you want a friend i'm here

Go ahead im listening

I need a friend too...I wanna pour my heart yo him n yes listen to him also...I really need a stranger friend yes with no string attached

i d like to be ur frnd i ll listen to ur problems

i read your story and im here ready to listen whatever life experiences you want to confide. just have faith.

Hi I read your story and I'm open to listening and to respond to the best of my ability,consider me your friend!

I like that no strings attatched it makes sens as long as there is respect and trust amongs individuals, sounds ok

I am a very private person and I feel the same, I belive in confidentulity and trust I lke listening to other people whe are in simular situations.When you are ready I can listen no strings attached

hit me up...if you need a friend

You can try me.....

i will be the person

Tell me what's up

i would love to talk

me too!

I'll be your friend :) I may not be able to be there physically, but I'm more than willingly to lend a ear to you with no judgement.

I need someone like that feels like everyone is just taking advantage of me...if you need someone to talk to please message me!


i also want the same

Welcome to Anonymity

you can talk to me

did u find some supportive friends u were looking for

If u wanna talk, lets talk! I'm a stranger, but I think I can help u... so if u wanna talk, write to me


let try

you can trust and discuss any thing good or bad Although I am stranger to you.

Hey there, I dont know what kinda person u wud like as a best friend but I am a good listener and luv to support people thru their problems.

I don't talk much, but I do listen.

this old man may have some advice for a young lady if you are not creeped out by an older man. That is if you are over the age of 21. I am very open just vew my post. at a place like this why does anyone feel that they can not talk freely. Just do not tell some one where you live this would be very un cool and dangerious.

this is just what i think ! sometimes you just need someone to listen to your problems and to your thoughts and support you ! I am so tired of all my fake friends and sometimes i feel like i dont have the strength to watch them in the eyes , i really need someone to talk openly . anyone who need a friend , just send a message . :D

That little piece of heaven. The perfect stranger.

It's hard to have things that you can't even tell the people closest to you...but sometimes they're the people that will understand the least. The problem with people who have known you your whole life is that they judge you even if it is unknowingly.

if you want to, I'd like to talk to someone you :)
I'm a good listener :D

I love to talk but i lisen to

Im always here :)

ok... I really want to be that friend lol.

It is always nice to have someone that u can share a secret. I love to listen to anything. I may give opinions once in awhile but that is all nothing more, nothing less. I know family is always there but it's not the same when u need to share a secret or a thought. I'm here for anybody that needs to vent. :)

i am here for whoever needs someone to talk to , no questions asked . secrets are kept safe from everyone !

I really need the same thing.

I'm a terrible person to talk to. I rarely listen. I gossip all the juicy details to the nearest soul with enough brain cells to comprehend it and one of the two senses best suited for communication of gossip (sight and sound). I'll pick at faults and make light of deficiency's all before you get onto the primary point of the conversation!

So if theirs anyone here worth talking to I imagine it would be me. :p

I feel the same way and are looking for the same thing. Good thing about strangers they can't tell the important people you know.

i would like to be your friend would also love to share stories of my life

I am old don't talk and I have been around the world like to help

Why not try me ...i've a degree in human psychology ,motivation ,and behaviour .I could understand your deeper insights...

I'm very good at this,
Short memory when it counts

Talk to me. I also need a friend. I am in Sri Lanka.

choose and share with a friend who can do no harm to you .. sharing is good way to know abt the human nature.. solving problems.. relaxtation of minds..

let me help you. no strings attached. far away (Holland) but still close to you when needed. to listen, to listen, to listen, to give advise to listen. hope to hear from you. Hans

hi iam here to help u


You can share your secrets and problems here :, they are great!

I feel the same way wanna talk

hey there:) i can be that friend. im lookin for the same type of friendship as well.

That's what professional counselors are paid for.

i can be this person... im in the same place


Hi I am a Dad and Grandad of 60 years old If you want I will give advice with out judging u

Hello im Maliah and I think im bisexual too but I would dare tell my family, im also sexually attracted to my hot friend Naomi (thats her real name,its sexy right) I just want to make a trustworthy and cool friend casual conversation and fun xoxo im out peace, you should message me :-)

I understand exactly just with someone else

Hi my name is joe


See stripes? So many volunteers... Good luck on your quest.Just dont hurt yourself.

hey im always willing to give an open ear to anyone, if you need to talk im here :)

I am the one i can keep your secrets and be your fiend you can tell me anything

Well you've come to the right place, you'll find someone you can confide in. I have good friends here who are awesome enough to lend a hand when they don't have to. I'm sure you'll find someone like that too.

Here for ya

I'm all ears if you give me the time of day.

I know exactly what u mean.....sigh

That goes for me too. I;m there for you.

Well, everyone needs a stranger in their life every now and then, who will just pass through their life like a comet. Anyway, if you need I am here......long, long way from you where our red land was given to us by Milky way we all come from

I may not be that old, but im a very good listener. If you need someone to vent to then im here. I know how you feel, i use my boyfriends dad to vent to, he is the type of guy to not say a word the whole time your talking then when your finished he ALWAYS has some sc<x>ripture from the bible that fits my exact problem.

i can be one...:)

hello everyone,<br />
<br />
i think this is the best site that you can share the thing. i am missing someone badly.

I need someone :( I have so many problems in my life right now, and not a single soul is here to listen. But if you wish you can talk to me..

i could be your friend as even i don't any friends of mine either.. i also need someone to share my thoughts .

You can talk to me if you need anyone. I'm here. I'm a good lisiner, and can relate to things.<br />
I haven't been on this earth long, but I've been threw a lot

Hey feel free to message me. I could always use a friend who doesn't talk to my family :)

You can tallk to me. I have many experiences, but I may not know everything. I am a good listener, and I will offer advice, if you want it.

I completely understand where you are coming from, I am not sure if you are on anymore because this looks kinda old but I am looking for the exact same thing. Almost a stranger best friend. Someone who I can talk to and that will talk to me and that will care about what I have to say because it seems as though so few do. You can send me a message if you would like ^_^

hey if u need to talk i am here. i will never judge u, leave u, or tell people what u tell me. i have lots of friends who r upset and just need someone to talk to. so yeah message me if u ever want someone to listen

don't trust any one in hole life

I need someone to talk share my problems with..i've been thru so many problms in my life..and i would like to talk and to be friend with someone nice..can u be my friend? i'm 17 years old..

I'd like to start a dialog about anything

plis i need a freind for my live and ever a'm just alone an opharn. i need help.

you know, sometimes a stranger is perfect to talk about your deep and serious thoughts.... cause you can tell them just anything and you dont have to worry about what they might think or who might they tell....cause they are, after all strangers, r8?

ill be your friend

i will be your friend =)

As long as you are one that does the electing of your friends you will always only have one or two very trusted friends. The ones that select you may not share your same trust.

People annoy me. <br />
<br />
Life crowds me.<br />
<br />
I get annoyed by the majority of folks who I come accross, since I know I am smarter than all of them! <br />
<br />
I have 2 successful businesses, I make enough monry to survive...<br />
<br />
Only problem is, I used to think I was a likeable person..turns out, one day I woke up and I had no friends left...

I know exactly how you feel. I can't tell anybody anything without them telling someone else. Even in my own family. Why does everyone always feel that they need to spread everyone else's bad news?

maybe You wanna talk with me? I need someone like You need too. my english is not so good, but i can try. I need a friend, just like You..

Make sure you use the "Private" areas of this Group, as the Stories and Boards are very public, and your secrets will be like shouting in a Stadium.

hi, i have a big listening ear. add me if you like. love to chat with you. xx