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I'm Lost

Have many friends that are girls but with the situations that are going on I talk better with guys. I am not looking for romance as I am ver happy with my husband but my friends that are girls don't get it and. My guy friends ...well I don't want to bother them or their wives with my issues.......and it could get back too the hubby since we all hang together often.

Is a guy (mature in their own way". Willing to talk I need some un biased opinions.
nagem81 nagem81 31-35 5 Responses Sep 6, 2012

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Do you need a opinion on male behavior? From a man. You seem secure in your relationship. I could only offer my experience as a man of3 failed relationships, but happy now. I was immature and learned from failure. Compromise!

i am here

I am very open minded and you can talk to me about anything you want...let me know if you want to chat

yah um here...u can talk to me

joing the crowd have been lost sense 1971 when my second love was killed