Are You In The Same Position

Hi i am looking to chat to either a lady or a male who is in the same position as I am in, so here goes I have been married for 35 years and I am still very much in love with my wife but I have wanted to see her with another man having sex I know posting this will upset some people but it is just how I feel and as you can understand it is not something I can openly talk to with my freinds or family, I have spoken to my wife about it and she has told me that she dose not think it will ever happen, she has not said no just not at this stage, so please either give me your thoughts or advise, hoping to hear from people who have gone through the same experience

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Hi Bob

I can understand 100% where you are coming from

i understand drop me a line. grabby612@yahoo. look forward to hearing from you

I m wid u

Do Not give up hope! I'm 63, wife,59...and just this past May after over 41 years of marriage, we found right guy(or he actually foud us) and it happened and was the most amazing thing we have shared in years and even better than all the fantasies we ever dreamed it would be! Regrets? None...zilch zero

Old and just getting started! Have faith my friend!

thanks for your words and it dose help to know that it might happen one day, I will keep the faith thanks

Yes, and if your wifee wishes, she can talk to my wife and see just how even though it took her years to do so...she loves it and loves sex at 60 more than ever!

Check out my story, "Her First Time."<br />
<br />
My wife said no way at first, but over time her attitude changed, until... :-)

thank you i will