Im Meeting All The Wrong People

I'm the coolest person to be around but the people in my city are nothing like me. I'm honest, considerate, understanding amongst a lot of other good qualities. I'm a true friend to thos in need of help but when I'm feeling down & out or need help like the people I've helped they seem to up & vansish like a cloud of smoke. Just looking for someone like myself to conversate with. Iv gone threw a lot just this year alone. 3 hours in new years day I got shot in the face, lost the job I was about 2 get due to that & the girl I was talking to at the time had a miscarraige due to not knowing if I was gone die or not. I just need some one befor I lose my mind & go crazy from lonelyness stress & bordom.
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26-30, M
1 Response Sep 12, 2012

Hi! I'm happy to be a friend. You said you're looking for someone like yourself. I don't know if I'm like yourself, but I'm here if you'd like to talk :)