I Am Me...

People don't see the real me. They think I am always happy and strong but sometimes I just want to fall and not get back up. I don't have many friends no one to really go to and being in high school I really need to let my feelings out they can't always be stuck in me. I have been picked on for a little more than 10 years because I am fat or I have funny teeth. I try not to let people get the best of me but that's hard. My family is my life but lately it's been crashing into every obstical that comes my way. Im me in this world looking for someone that will understand who is in the inside.
Haven96 Haven96
18-21, F
2 Responses Sep 13, 2012

this struck me because i relate with you 100%. the only advice i can give you is to stay clean. wish someone told me that.

Message me if you ever need to talk. Don't worry about those who tease you. At one point I joined in with those people. It's easy to feel like you won't be picked on if you can make sure someone else is being picked on. It's always the nice people who get abused because it's not in their nature to be mean in return. I know it's tough, hang in there.