Hard Decisions Or Difficult Planning

so i need to figure out what to say to my boyfriend of 6 years. I am so not happy with how things are. I talk to him about it all the time and he says hell chage this or that, or he will just ignore it and be really nice and clean the house or do something with the family, than things are the same again

He drinks a little every day more on the weekend when he dosent have to work. He is an ******* to my 12 year old daughter, she can be very irrating and rude, but he is mean to her when she is trying to include herself he gives her a look

he has kicked down the baseent door, she locked it for a second when he was done their and instead of waiting for her to open it, like 30 seconds he kicked it in half ( he was hammered)

he recently dropped her wii remote into a cup of water and smashed her TV by punching it, because he thought she tok the batteries out of his X box remote
he than left until who knows what time cause i couldnt stay up that late. He wont applogize for that and says he dosent care

the last 3 weekends ina row he has left and not come back till late late i cant stay up that late fell asleep around 1am. gets drunk at home first than says hes going for awalk or to get chips and just dosent come back

the last time he addmited to doing coke and the GPS and cell phone is gone from the glove box, either he traded it for drugs or the drug dealer who he drove around stole it? Dosent matter which one

I got really mad today cause he wouldnt come to a farm down the road from us where i just started a job at a corn maze. I wanted to go as a family and see the hourses and thet just got a calf i have 2 young boys to, and i wanted to show off my family to my employers. It was important to me. He said he wasent going anywhere.

That really upsets me, why cant he come out for an hour see his boys on a tractor, why would he make them stay in the house all day long ona beautiful sunday. I love bringing my kids outside, the younger ones earlier int he day it maked the rest of the day so enjoyable

His defence for this was he does do things with us, but usually its the day after hes been out all night, like we went out of town few weekends back and he was hammered than we toka road trip, he stresses me right out, jus before than he's not well rested and the whole trip is jus off

I know he is a drug addict/alcholic he was a drug addict years ago, but arent you always one even if you dont use for a long time, i know he relapsed now but he's still an adict regardless good job or not wont he always be an addict

sometimes when he talks i am thinking yeah but you could just be lying cause thats what addicts do, haven't you seen intervention.

he says hes going to quite drinking and hes going to work on doing more stuff with us. BULL ****, thats what i think

i want to leave but its so hard, i do home daycare its my only little bit of income and than the parents of the 1 kid rely on me. Also i have no money bad credit, i feel like a huge looser id be living in some crappy place not being able to feed my kids properly

If i stay and believe his lies of change make the best of it, he wont see a therapist we need councelling if this were to work.

I am sick of him being selfish, i need a step plan, step1 tell him he see's a therapist family councelling with time frame..... if he dosent what is step 2, and whats my plan to follow through
26-30, F
Sep 16, 2012