Looking For A Friend To Share Problems With

I'm looking for some one who needs me like I will need them... I need a friend to be able to talk to a about problems with. I feel alone at the moment and could do with a good chat :) I can't talk to people I know because I don't want things to get spread round my town :/ I'm from Kent so if any one wants a chat please... X
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8 Responses Sep 24, 2012

Ill be you friend :) x

WTF..u want a friend..I can give u all pleasures u want...:)

I'm really down lately and had to friend to trust,I also want a friend too.I can be your friend

remember this, this place still has people that care. Ive found that my issues in life are there because of the curcles i walk in. The frends we keep help us stay weak. Asking! Makes you wise. I think i would like talking with you.

I'll be your friend, you when you want to chat I'm here: to share our problems, to listen, I'm not here to judge you :)

I would like that :)

Great :) Add me

I can be your friend

me too

I know how you feel, Im here if you need me. Where is Kent?

It's in England at the bottom of the country x

Feel free to add me as a friend if you want