The Lonely Man

As I walk the street I feel like people ignore me. Never say a word not even a whisper. I sit down and stare like no even know I'm there. I say to myself I guess there always going to be me. Because no one around can the lonely man in their big world
Lhawk123 Lhawk123
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I feel the same way! The only difference is that I live with 4 other people. My Husband, My 23 year old son and my 14 year old step son.

I belive everyone has something to sayeven the lonley man on the street. What he has to say maybe important so listen.

I am single and feel lonely too

I feel you, I do sympathize. But hey you Have the experience of sharing your thoughts on EP right? you shouldnt focus on pleasing strangers because not all people are pleasable themselves they may have issues that are weighting them down also. Try to look at the bigger picture of things. And what you can be grateful for. If you are able why not volunteer for a homeless shelter. I believe if you did that you would find some of the most genuine people ever. Although they are suffering they are still grateful for the little they have. It can be an eye opener for you!

Please don't be loney, I am here if you wish to talk.i am married and feel alone mst of the time, there's nothing worse than being lonely, believe me I know, please contact me when you can ,
Mandy :-)

i am married and I feel lonely too... I am stuck in a horrible situation.. life is complicated

Hello Lhawk123!
This happen to all of us, and is not because people don't care but because they are so busy with their own thoughts, them can not see anyone or anything not related to their concerns. If you truly want attention, just say hello with a big smile to the person passing by and you'll be surprise how many will gladly respond to your greeting.
I am an old lady and when I want attention I give attention to others and it never fails to return to me. Try it, good luck!
Most importantly, be your best friend always. Smile and be happy. Count your blessings and be thankful, for it is a privilege to live in a such beautiful and bountiful world! Joy

God knows you and never can he ignore you! pray to overcome it. myself cant ignore you!

i see the person sitting there alone because i feel alone all the time so for some reason i see the people that are alone and looking!


Thanks everyone oh btw I am fine now no worries. Add me if you want and we can have a good ol' chat. :)

Hope you feel better

I know exactly how you feel

dont give attention to those who ignores u. move on buddy

People ignore you? Have you tried approaching them? Even if you get rejected a few times or people dont respond the way you'd expect , try to make some connections with them aproach them in an original manner, be yourself, let it loose, dont think of what they think, live in the moment... Just live as we are here on earth , together, together meaning us people and even if there is so many of us we all have something in common, we are alive , and you are a part of humanity you belong with us! Now, just go ahead and think about this: little things that we forget to enjoy in life because it has become a habit, for example saying hello to someone, it is of course courtesy but if you think about it expressing an honest hello means more than courtesy, it means i am aware of your presence and ill let you know because i respect you> my fellow human. It might sound strange but tiny values like this should be enjoyed, not repeated... So whenever you greet someone , realize you are saluting your fellow human friend, its just a little exercise that can show you what it means to be yourself (being in the moment, meaning what you say, understanding the natural connection you can make with people, that way you wont have to force anything) it should come naturally, just like smiling at a baby:)

Thanks for those good words

AnytimešŸ˜Š how was your day?

It was....okay. And this morning I an in bed just listening music.....thinking