Lying Boyfriend?

ive been with my boyfriend for over a year and i love him more than anything in this world. he can be such a good man to me and other times be such a completely different person. hes lied to me about where he worked and many other things. he has all different kinds of stories and i've never really gotten a true number of women hes slept with (the first time we had sex he said he was a virgin which was a lie!)
i have problems trusting him when he says hes going out with his "friends" because ive never met any of them. he keeps me away from any and all of his friends. most of the time he wont even tell me their names. also ive caught him before telling me he was with one of the guys and it was actually another girl. and even after hes caught he'll still try to lie his way out of it or find some way to turn it on me. for example: one night he said he was out with the guys and didnt come home until 5 am. i felt suspicious so i looked through his phone and found he was with a girl instead. when i confronted him about it he turned it around on me for going through his phone and threatened to leave me. i dont snoop all the time, just if i feel like somethings up. ive also found on several social networking sites (especially ones geard towards dating) that hes flirting with girls on there and getting numbers. Just recently i found messages on facebook to an old classmate of mine(who is married btw) saying that she hoped she didnt scare him away when she told him she was married and when he asks to text her she tells him "not now hes home". if shes keeping this "friendship" from her husband what is going on that it has to be a secret? i have no idea whats going on but its scaring me.
and today here i sit alone because i got a text from my bf telling me that his friend needed a ride to a hospital an hour and a half away because his mother was in the hospital. hes already been gone one night this week and hes taking off again! i dont even know whether to believe this story or not anymore. hes lied so many times i dont know the truth from a lie anymore. i'm so lost and i want to believe hes telling me the truth but its so hard. im so scared hes just been meeting another girl it makes me sick to my stomach. id do anything for this man i love him so much and the thought of losing him frightens me.
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1 Response Nov 28, 2012

Hey girl. Sorry to see that you are so frustrated from a relationship that's supposed to bring you joy and comfort. You are not alone in this. I'm sure every woman who has dated can relate to having been lied to, cheated on.

I can related to what you are saying here. I dated a guy that even lied to me about his age, till one day I found his identification card and ealised he was 30 yrs old. 4 more yrs older than he had led me on to believe. And you knw what he lied and told me???!!! That he had to do that to protect his identity. No one could really knw much about him because of the ppl he had to align himself with. So foolish me was dating someone in the effin secret service?! Wow my own 007 right?!

Good thing is I can look back at it n have a damn good laugh. One day I just walked away and didnt look back. Changed my number, transferred where I worked. Made sure he could not get on to me. Cause he always tried to turn it on me saying I'm not being supportive and that I'm just like his past g/fs/baby mamma.

All relationships have problems. There are just somethings that you cannot overlook though. Especially if your needs and feelings are always being compromised. The decision in the end is left up to you whether u stay or leave. Friends and family can only share their opinions.

Hope you do what's best for you.