Left Behind

I moved to a different state a year and a half ago away from my emotional abusive home to my aunt and uncles. But all i do is work and im homeschooled so i can't really make friends. In school i was a nice person but people only came to me when they needed me and didn't really talk to me otherwise, and i was raised to know that my feelings didnt matter above other people. For alot of my family I've been that replacement for whatever they needed, from a shoulder to cry on or the person to make up for the child they lost. Honestly I've experienced alot of bad things in life and right now i don't know what the good things are in life or how to get good friends.
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1 Response Nov 28, 2012

I wish I could give you some advice but honestly, I'm in the same condition as you are in right now. Even what you said about church groups. Most of them ave been friends for a long time and only speak to me out of courtesy. Its hard to feel welcomed. Try to make a few friends at work if possible? But don't give up hope, there are nice people out there. Not everyone uses people. There are genuine, caring people out there, and I am sure you will meet some eventually.
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