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Im 47 man  and all my family and relatives are gone now. Without getting into detail, I have lived in complete isolation for 6 years now and am sick of it. I started going to some churches, but don't fit in anywhere. I'm looking to talk to someone real, that honor, integrity, dignity, respect, still mean something.
I don't mean to sound judgemental but I am sure I'm not alone when I say there's alot of phonies out there. God did some wonderful things in my life, but not having anyone to share it with is killing me. Can someone share with me, what God has done for them ?
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god has shown me He is always there, even when I have felt He may have let me down Then He shows me that at the end my struggles were watched over and He always has abetted solutions for me than I could have ever imagined, I am always very lonely too. god separates us from the masses because he loves us and wants us saved. We who share loneliness need each other to give without question to accept without judgement and be patient with each others pain.

YES you do have a family! I am your sister in Christ and I am here for you and hopefully you for me.
God has cured me of cancer! I am here you are here and noe neither one of us is alone

Thank you Margie527, I resently joined a mens group with a similar other problem I have. That's wonderful about your recovery from cancer, that's what had taken my mom. Personally I don't belive God want's us seperated, but trust in Him for strantgh to get through. I just remember a day when people enjoyed speaking with each other, without stumping on others to feel good about themselves. I'm in big time culture shock, and just real confused. Thanks again for the encouraging voice.

I think I can honestly say my family is unique I have always known what I had I'm very old fashioned family is everything to me. I find when I am out and about few people talk to each other they are on cell phones or texting or plain rude . I know what it's like to feel your life has no meaning but I don't think you have to join a mission to make a difference. I find myself thinking too much and sometimes we can be our own worst critics.

I didn't say but I'm a guy, and I came from a pretty rough backround, but that's part of the miracle. One of the things I studied is psychology, so I could figure out want was wrong with me. And I discovered my mind is a neighborhood I shouldn't go alone. The missionary work I wanted to do at 1st, I don't know about now. I have had to re-evalueate my motives. My mom died of bone cancer in 08, it was pretty bad. And she was a hospice care giver for 10 years. You didn't mention any kids. I never married, nor any kids. I had gotten myself in really bad shape drinking, and ended up in a hospital for a long time. But I got 6 yrs. sober now. And it was wanting to help others that led me to wanting to mission work, because in the US they do everything they can to stop you from actually helping anyone. And the thought of going somewhere you can't understand what they are saying kind of sounded appealing.

Hi I am a 41 yr old female I am the oldest of four but still feel very much alone right now. I lost my mom to breast cancer September 13th of this yr. How is it possible at my age to feel like an orphan dumb I guess. Being the oldest I only had 3 people I could turn to in life my grandmother my dad and my mom and they are all gone. I am very greatful for my siblings and nieces but no one understood me like my mom. I'm sorry you feel so alone but I'm a good listener if you need a friend.

I think older orphans is happening alot any more, family doesn't seem to mean much now adays. Is it just me, or does it seem like people just throw each other away like it's nothing ? I'm sorry to hear about your mom, I was colsest to mine too..I was kind of forced to live in isolation, and now I stick my head out. And nobody talks to each other anymore, they chose to live in isolation. I don't get it ! I really am from the past. What do you like to talk about, I have studied the sciences for 5 years. But I want my life to have meaning, so I have been tring to join a mission somewhere. But out of 52 org. I contacted only 3 talked to me. And they told me they don't need me ???