I love my Gf very much there is absolutely nothing I wouldn't do for her I pretty much worship the ground she walks on but sometimes she can be a real jerk. I work a full time job and do most of the stuff around the house. As well as cook. I am a very lovey person and I don't ask for anything other than just simple affection, compassion, for her to do something completely out of the way to show me that I do matter or she does care. Yea she tells me that she loves me and I am her one and only but sometimes I feel like she knows that I would do absolutely anything for her so she doesn't bother putting in or caring like I do. Sometimes I wish she would just come and chase me once and hold me. She complains that I never talk to her well maybe if I knew she would truly listen and not get mad and hear me with an open mind I would be more open to it. Please tell me is I ask to much of her but I just feel like another person in her life not anyone special when I would give her my last breath if I had to.
Littlethingsinlife Littlethingsinlife
1 Response Nov 29, 2012

I feel like I was in your shoes man, I had almost the exact feeling about my gf the last couple of months, very distant from me, I never felt like she wanted me in the way I wanted her , I always wanted to be around her to feel her energy, she made me feel the happiest I have ever been, and I constantly gave her compliments and barely received any, but here was something about her that drove me to happiness, but when I wouldn't get those feelings of bein loved I felt the lowest I have in my life and at some point you get tired of feeling like a emotional yoyo so I just told her we need to talk and sat down and told her everything that was bothering me, just tell eachother the truth, that was a big thing to me is being open and honest, I know it's fear of losing her that holds you from telling her how you really feel and you'll always feel that way until you pull yourself together and take the chance of losing her so you can tell her how you really feel, in the end you'll at least have your pride of taking the chance and getting the answers good or bad.

Thank you just knowing I am not the only one who is going thru it means a lot. I know it will be hard but I do love her and will get the courage to talk to her!