I'm Hurt, And I Feel Like I Can't Trust My Best Friend

I'm so glad I didn't tell my best friend everything my cousin did/does to me. Anyway, the other night, me and my cousin got in an argument. He called me stupid, and asked why I was getting butthurt. I told him you can't call me stupid and ask me that. Then we began arguing. I punched a wall, and walked outside. While outside, I realized my hand was broken. I went to the hospital, and later that night I was telling my best friend how my cousin has people go to town for him shop for him and whatnot. Just now, my cousin comes over and asked why I'm talking ****. My cousin said my friend told him that I talked to him and said he has people do things for him like go to town and shop for him. It was a hit in the heart for me. My cousin explained to me why he has people do things for him. He just told me a bunch of stuff, and let's just say he saved this family's *** when I was a child and I never knew about it because my parents kept financial issues and things like that from me. Even though my cousin has done messed up stuff before, I won't deny that he saved our ***.
So, why am I heartbroken? My best friend went behind my back. I don't know what his motives were for going behind my back, but I feel like I can't trust him anymore. I have brought him into my family, where he has been taken in with open arms. I've let him come to a place where very few people know I live. Only the people closest to me know where I live. I have given him my trust.
I even told him how my cousin tried drowning me when I was a child. If he honestly feels that I did wrong by punching a wall and knocking over a refridgerator because my cousin was upsetting me despite me trying to be cool, and despite the history me and my cousin have, and if he honestly feels I did wrong in his book, and if he has the mindset that acting out on anger in the circumstance of the history between me and my cousin, is the number one cardinal sin on his list, I'll let it slide. But I feel betrayed.
I'm going to call my friend right now, and talk to him about this.
LawlessTranquility LawlessTranquility
26-30, M
Dec 3, 2012