Losing Touch Of Reality

november 26 is the day i will never forgot the day i lost my daugther to cas i miss her so miss much she was the reason i kept going and to this day im still but im losing touch of reality nothing making sense any more and i heard from inside my head is that your not worth it and you suck just give it up but then from friend i heard good things but the bad things are just struck in your head and no where to go it feel like fake is start to take over the good part and just been kick around and on the edge of breakdown no one listening to me cuz no their to save you so welcome to my life...****.
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my daugther didnt die she was take away by Children Aids and i wrote this just to take my anger away but thanks for the comment

Hello my name is Kim. I am truly so sorry for your loss. I do understand what you are feeling. My Nephew, David Whybra died on Feb 5, 2007. He was 20 years old. David was not just a nephew to me. I had many female problems. During a time of when I was dealing with a severe case of fibroid tumors, I was unexpectantly found to be pregnant. Sadly, this was found out WHILE I was having a pre-op D&C. My baby was lost. This was the only time I was ever pregnant. Within 2 years I got divorced. Eventually all the female problems resulting in me having a hysterectomy. To deal with the fact I could never have children, I made David "my secret Son". He was the first grandchild in our family and I was there for many of his "firsts"....saw his first tooth, saw him roll over for the first time, etc. When David died, a part of me died. My family is close. We are the typical family that never expected to have to deal with such a loss and such a tragic one at that. Grief is a horrible thing. TALK to those you are close to. Go to grief support groups. There are many in this world who can HELP you through this horrible process. There are also many online grief support groups. They helped me a great deal. Every year, all different types of churches have this one night of Remembrance. It is a night where people who have lost a child gather to honor their loved ones. Entire families are there, not just the immediate family. There are all different types of families, religions, ages that are in attendance. It does not matter as we are all in the same boat. The ceremony is very nice. Each childs name is spoken and the family members go up to a picture of their loved one and light a candle. It really does help. I hope any of this does help you......If you ever need to talk--I am here. It does get better, promise. Let the grief out as this is the only way to truly heal. Although some part of you will always be sad for the loss, do not forget to remember all the great times you had! The day of death of your loved one does not summarize their lives for it is just one day. Remember and cherish the good times. Pray for them. Pray for yourself. I am not pushing religion but whatever helps you to clear your vision and spirit is a good thing. I am sending you Love, Understanding, Peace and Comfort......I hope it finds you in your path.