Dont Wanna Go But I Need Sex

I been with my girl for 11yrs and the last 4yrs we got marred . Now I love sex , like having sex from the back (aka) in azz and ***** she do not like it from the back and want evening let me try. And I thing when we have sex I got to pull out every tim
. Im tied out pull out for.11yrs that's y I try to do it from the back so I can get tht feeling of keep going ,and when she go down on me when I'm about to come she will not keep going when I come. After a 11yrs y the h#ll not . Women is it me are there something that's just not right
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2 Responses Dec 7, 2012

You two definitely have a communication problem and a sexual compatibility issue. If you can't talk with her about it, you two definitely need professional counseling in this area. If you can't get her to go, go to the counselor yourself, alone. This should have been settled before you got married. But you can only deal with it now, as you two are.

You need to get her to open up and talk. Maybe it's a mental block. She may feel degraded or something. Or if you can try something she would like the she may open up to your ideas. You have to be willing to give though.