Life Is Hard

I am just turning 18. I am 6'4", blue eyes, and have been called cute and stuff. Ive never had a girlfriend before, and Ive had my first kiss a few months ago, but she never talked to me again after that. Ive been in college for a while now, but I still feel lonely. I love reading, Legos, hot rods, and I play 7 different instruments. 3 years ago, my best and only friend at the time was killed. Then towards the end of that year, I met and fell in love with a young lady. She couldnt see me tho, and had to leave. That year was the first time I had ever lost someone that close, fell in love, and then had my heart broken. Since then Ive just had alot of self doubts, and I dont really think much of myself. Im looking for a girl that I can get to know as a friend. I love talking!
Broadster Broadster
18-21, M
Dec 8, 2012