I Need A Friend For My Whole Life, I Am Fed Up Of My Life, Little Happiness But Too Much Pains, Want To Share My Problems With A Friend Or My Heart Will Burst

I can share my whole life story if i have a friend to whom i could share with... i don't know how to share it here... My name is nida... I loved someone 7 years ago and i fighted for him, done everything for him what i could, he is my husband now i succeeded in my love but everythings changed now... he is not like he was before, he loves me so much but everythings changed, he gets my everything wrong now, i am afraid i will lose him, he has a wife and 3 daughters already, i am his second wife, i don't have any children now.. i will die if he left me... i can't survive without him... he is my everything... its only a bit about me but its not my story.. i need a friend in my life to share my sorrow whenever i am upset.. plz help me
NidaTariq NidaTariq
22-25, F
2 Responses Dec 15, 2012

This is really, I can understand the feeling .I know you are totally shattered by this well you can share you feeling with me if you want i can help you as well.

I am here for you nida, i will be your friend talk to me, its ok he loves u even if u dont have kids u know. i PROMISE.