Obviously Feeling Lonely, And I Laugh At The Fact Its Christmas.

Well I'll start off with this.... At this moment I feel very alone. I'm 21, I'm a guy from california and I just want to talk to anybody willing to talk to me. I've lost the people that have kept me from feeling this way, and the people I do have in my life, don't have the patience to hear me out. I'll keep it short and sweet so that no one is over whelmed by the volume of text I could write, to let you know where I stand in this so called life....so any comments or questions for me? I only came to this site to keep my mind from stressing too hard.
Zombiezach91 Zombiezach91
18-21, M
2 Responses Dec 25, 2012

You can talk to me i love to hear other people problems i am here for You and i am not going anuwhere

Get yourself something nice to eat that you enjoy, something nice to drink, put them in a bag and go to a beautiful spot. Eat and drink there and know that you're not alone, we are all connected. You can't change who and what you've lost,dream of your future and have a wonderful day,designed by you,for you!One virtual hug on its way! :)