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My husband suffered a brain injury several years ago and, while he recovered physically (Thank God!!), mentally he is no longer the same person. He's more my child now than my husband. Before the accident, he was always the life of the party - great sense of humor, fun loving, great dancer - and he was truly my best friend and soul mate. A couple of months ago, he injured himself again and now has a severe case of aphasia, he knows what he wants to say, but can't get the words out, nor can he understand most of what I try to say to him. He's been getting speech therapy, but there's been no progress so far. We can't even hold a conversation.

The few friends that stayed around right after he was on his feet after the brain injury didn't stick around long. And now, it's just us two - and the only person that I have to talk to is myself. I can be pretty fun to talk to and am a great listener, but I'm awful tired of my same old stories :-)

Anyway, I'm very lonely and need a friend - or two or . . . .
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Hey! I'm sorry for your pain . My sister had a brain injury to . It was very hard to deal with for me to . I understand everything you went threw . It's Hard I know that ! Keep looking up . I LOST MY SISTER & miss her so much everyday. She died at age 23 = I had to sign the papers for her life support to be removed. Her body did not want to give up but her brain died . The pain I feel from that - kills me everyday. I slowly watched her body dwindled away for mouths . Sitting beside her night & day . Wanting her to pass away but also wanting her to stay with me . It's hard honey I know your stronger then you think . Everyday you get to see your husband is blessing to your heart & soul because him passing is even harder. I never goes away & to think you could of been me & watched them pass away so slow . I will always understand where you are coming from always . But he love you enough to live for you everyday . Always remember that in your heart. Like my sister loved me enough to waited for me .To get to hospice to hold her hand before she passed away . I feel for you I truly do .

My heart goes out to you. I'm here for you.

Hello, I'm new to the site. It looks like a good place to make friends.

It's a great place to make friends. For every personality type, there is someone out here to talk to.

That would really be nice. It's been a long time since I had a conversation with anyone, besides work related ones.

I'm not sure how the site works. If I should leave this page, do I miss any replies that I might get?

If you'd like to chat, please leave me a post on how to get back in touch with you. I guess I'll look around a bit to get familiar with the site.

One of the advantages to this site, is that I can walk away, take care of a responsibility, and then come back and reply. You'll get the message at the top right side of your monitor.

Do you expect your husband's condition will improve over time?

Feel free to explore while you are conversing with others. You'll get a notice when messages arrive.

The damages from his brain injury are permanent. He could recover from the aphasia, but it's usually much better after 3 months. It's been almost 6 months now, so I'm very worried at his lack of progress so far.

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