Trying To Be The Good Guy

I'm always good to my friends. At least I think so. I'm honest, I encourage them to do what they want (except when they're being extremely stupid, and I mean extremely stupid when I tell them to get up and move on) and yet somehow I'm always the one left alone. One of my closest friends of seven years has decided that I'm the ***** with problems because he's started looking down on me, treating me like he knows better and doesn't listen to a word I say. So when he asked me his opinion on his latest stupid decision, I told him no, don't do it because you're going to kill yourself (common theme with his decisions, each one leading him closer to a stupid, premature death that he thinks he's too good to ever have happen to him). My best friend has abandoned me because he has a crush on me. I've told him, I have no interest and I'm in a very happy and stable relationship, which means he's got to learn to put those feelings aside and just be my friend. Which we were. Until he started avoiding me. He doesn't talk to me. When I really need a friend. My boyfriend is great, we love each other so much. But I don't want to overload him. There's things you're meant to talk to your best friend about, gossip over or do whatever that don't involve your boyfriend. Really, I do tell him everything, he is my true 'best friend', but I don't have any others. I'm always the one who gets left behind. Always abandoned for doing the right thing, being the good friend who's always there, always tells the truth when it needs to be told and so loyal you'd think I was a dog. So why me? Why does it always have to be me? Can't I keep a friend, for once in my life?
LeahDalton LeahDalton
Jan 8, 2013