My 'friend' Hate Me?

Well I'm a girl and I had a guy friend. It s a long story: I knew him when we were teenagers and he s a rich guy and he seems to like me and he bought me many things and gifts to show me that he wanted a relationship with me and I was young so, I told him to wait for me until I'm a adult, he said he would wait, but I didn't really believed him, but I couldn't stand it that he constantly buy gifts for me and I was not yet even his girlfriend. Soo I told him not to wait for me and he ask why, and I said just don't wait okay. I was young to know what love was then, and later on he start a ' relationship' with my cousin who was younger than me and sometimes he text me and ask me how I, m doing and when I ask him to do something for me, he simply didn't really want to do it and he was always from that day on mad at me. After some years, I'm a adult now and I just text him and he seems to be different now, happy I think and we met each other and we talk a allot and he ask me if I really have a boyfriend and I told him yes, but it doesn't really work and he says before we went home that we should hang out again zaterday if I wanted to, soo saturday I ask him and he said he was busy and I did ask him a couple of times and he seems like avoiding me. Soo after some month I then start a relationship with some one else and Idid like that rich guyfriend of mine , but he didn't really contact me, soo after some week there was a party and he saw me and poke me and then he walk fast to his friends and he didn't even look at me, pretend like he didn't even has seen me. And later he saw me with my boyfriend and took pictures of us and I didn't know that until a friend told me, and he pretend that he didn't know me. Why did he do that?
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Idk what's happening with that friend ot yours.. but some guys are jerks and they just want to hurt people's feelings.. maybe you care about him but maybe it's time for you to move on.. "there are more fish on the water" there are more guys out there & maybe you haven't find the Mr.Right.. wait patienly....

Please can anyone tell me why my friend s doing this to me?