I Need A Girl Friend To Hang Out With And Get Myself Speaking Again

Growing up i always had many friends. I moved to another town 6 years ago, and my father passed away 3 years ago. So ive been through many good and bad social experiences. The past 2 years ive really sheltered myself from people because of being too aware of fake friends. So i never was interested in making friends, just sticking to family. But now, for the past year, the only family i have left is my mom and 7 year old sister. Ive hit that point where the loneliness is really hitting me. Im either on the computer, with my dog, or smoking or drinking all by myself. Ive tried making friends but i realized only guys wanna chill, but not females. And now its obvious that i need to stop hanging out with men, that was where i went wrong. Not that im sexist, i enjoy the company of anyone as long as we make good conversation, but usually their intentions make the whole friendship impossible. Im certain that females dont ask to hang out because i might be socially awkward. Im typically shy, unless drunk, otherwise it takes me some getting used to, to open up and be fun. I could really use some girl time, but i dont know how to make good friends, im 18 and girls mybage tend to already have a strongly established circle that seems hard to get into. :(

Sad and lonely stoner chick from toronto.
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Jan 12, 2013