Is It Ever To Soon To Love Someone

I have been dating my boyfriend for a month now but have been knowing him for 9 months and he liked me then but I finale gave him a chance he is a realy nice guy.he asked me to move in last week I said lets take our I have spent a couple days with him at his home so today he text me from work saying he needed some alone time im confused by the way im 26 and he is 46 what should I think
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2 Responses Jan 14, 2013

Hey like your response and he had been living alone for a while and is divorce but I think your right let me chill out.

Sounds to me like he has been living alone for a long time. Has he ever been married?

And I can tell you from experience that people who are used to having their own space need some adjustment to living with someone. You know, when you are with someone all the time you don't have time to process your own thoughts and feelings. Not all people are this personality type that need that space, but maybe he is.No Big deal!

Also, if he is the first guy you have lived with then I imagine you are happily together with him and not always needing your own space, which is great and has its beauty too.

Unless you have reasons to not trust him I would just say "Ok" and then go do something you love to do on your own! Rock out to your tunes, go for a run, write a blog, cook some food- i don't know, do something that makes you happy on your own. I can almost guarantee he will come out of it and be super thankful you gave him his space and think you are the coolest girfriend in the world for not giving him trouble over it!

Now, all this I have said is assuming you have no reasons to be worried , or not to trust him.....if you need or want someone outside of your circle to talk about this with there are people at chummychat dot com who are friendly people to talk to.

But, first, give it a try to relax, give him some space, make your self happy doing something you love and then see what happens! Believe me- even if he doesn't say it he will think you are awesome!

Good luck!!