No One Seems To Understand . . .

I've always felt different than others, it seems that things that come naturally to most are hard for me to grasp, but things that they find difficult I understand at a glance. I seem unable to connect with most other people, I'm somewhat of an Atheist, but I'm not against the idea of a God. My family fails to understand my reasoning and often shun me because of my lack of faith, leaving me often feeling alone and depressed. My friends are often busy and I never get the chance to hang out for long, and I only have a few friends as it is. I just got fired from my job and my boss wouldn't even tell me why, finding a job at my young age was hard enough as it is. I just kind of wish I could quit life sometimes I feel like no one understands me. I've often felt the need for social interactions but I'm pretty much socially retarded I can't make any new friends I've had girls ask me out but I never usually see it working out in the long run so I often decline I don't really care about a girls looks as long as she's nice, caring, sweet and I'd really like it if she were intellectual too but it seems to me that most of the girls I meet aren't all that nice and a lot of them don't seem to look at things intellectually often. So I feel pretty lonely with almost no one to ever talk to, I feel like no one understands me and that I can never express myself.
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Calebmon if you want to go out with the girls go for fun. You are to young to think about a relationship "in the long run".... You will never meet someone for "the long run" if you don't go out. You can let them make the decision by telling them you would go out as friends...

Your life is difficult, I can understand, but you will get through it and understand the path you are suppose to be walking..... Hang in there

you explained yourself pretty good in your writing and could feel the emotions coming through...take it from a Grandpa like me, you will stumble upon a group of people to really talk with, hang with, share and care about, just continue stepping out and someone special will step into your life

Thanks! You are awesome!

What are your goals?
Get more friends?
Make more connections with women?

If your friends don't have time for you, it's time to meet more people. I know you say that you don't speak to people easily, and losing your job doesn't help your confidence at all. Perhaps it's time you learned a new skill that put you more in control of you're work.

Learning a new skill or going to a new class will give you the opportunity to meet people and perhaps bridge new connections with them.

I'm extroverted so I enjoy interacting with random people, and because networking with people helps my business, it helps reinforce the desire to talk to new people.

What do you think?

Thanks for the advice, I've been thinking about taking some college classes, possibly on computer programming. I also would like to make more connections with women, it's just the things I like to do aren't generally things girls like to do, so I find it very hard to find a girl that is right for me.