Got No Friends

Today I feel a little better, right now I'm with my daughter on the living room, it's supposed I have to go for groceries but I'm still on my pajamas and haven't take a shower. My problems seems too small compared with other people, what makes me feel even more insignificant. Yesterday again my husband didn't even noticed I was upset, only noticed it when I snapped at him and he even dare to ask if I was angry with him, he doesn't call at all during the day, doesn't answer my messages and doesn't help me at home with the kids or even with the house, not to mention the dogs! Yesterday I just ask him to put the baby her pajamas, of course that includes the diaper, AND HE DIDN'T DO IT!! I didn't comprehend why my daughter was waking up a lot during the night, I barely slept and when I change her diaper she was all wet and messy, my poor baby!

After almost eleven years of marriage he doesn't even know why I like to eat or wear. I'm so frustrated, but he did a really good job with my son, now he doesn't want to spend time with me either. I've been at home three days now, not going out, just to pick up my son. Nobody has called me, nobody cares
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2 Responses Jan 16, 2013

don't put him not wanting to talk to you as being your fault. It's not. It's his problem.

I care and so does God. Talk to your husband and let him know what you need. Tell him how you feel. Sometimes people are so caught up in their own life they don't realize how much someone else is hurting. Its hard but that's what I had to do with several people.

Thank you! I really feel alone, what I don't like when I talk with my husband is that somehow everything results to be my fault, I'm gonna try, just I don't want to cry while I try to tell my felings

That happens often when one party has a fast tongue. Just remember that you want to talk it out at your pace and you don't want to let emotions come into the picture during the conversation. Whatever the emotion, be aware of it and let it go as you need to progress with the conversation and come to a clear conclusion. It may take a few sessions but will come out great. Good luck. :)