I Need A Friend!!


I am a 44 year old wife and mother of adult children.

I met my husband when I was only 14 and never had any boyfriends in my life before meeting him at high school when I was a young student e when I was so very young, wanting a boyfriend, no boys ever seemed interested in me but HIM!!!
Rewind to over 30 years ago, he accused me constantly of cheating from the first week we dated, which I swear I have never end cheated on him in any way since Ive known him, but my words do not matter to him!!!

Please I need friends to help me get away for the man that has abused me for over 30 years now, Please be my friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My name is Jennifer, I am 44 and depetly need a friend, especially to help support me to get out of such an abusive marriage!!!!!

Male or female does not matter, just need someone so badly to be my friends right now!!!!
Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Take Care..

Love, Jennifer
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I am the same age of you. Your story........has left me speechless.

My living/boyfriend situation of 4.5 years, is very simular.
He has accused me of the same behavior.

Doesn't it just make you want to ask, "Where does he get these ideas?"

Let me know how you made out with the shelter.

Actually, I am going on Monday to a local women's shelter for wisdom and guidance.

When he get's those moods when he is accusing you ........doesn't it hit you like a big red neon waring sign flashing Warning Warning Warning? But there is NO amount of evidence that you break/change his thoughts.

Scarey situation my friend. I am right there with ya.

Stay safe.

Hear to listen if you ever want to vent.

- Kathy

Hello, I don't know where you live but I would find a women's shelter in your area. The town I live in has a shelter that provides housing, job training, clothes ,legal services etc...

you know we women are capable of just way too many things- what makes men itch. you can do this. chin up chica!

You can do this - women are amazingly resilient and we can find so much hidden strength - my biggest fear was being alone once I had left but each day a took little steps, such as appreciating a blue sky and thinking how I could enjoy walking under it as long as I wanted once I was free we can be here to support you but actually you can do this yourself, just start making your plans and making your first steps :) .

Courage1234, love your name!!
Thanks, I need all the support I can get!!!!

Chin up head held high - it's an attitude that will lead you to taking the steps you know you must take and you'll be surprised at the support you find around you.
All the best