Lonely !!:/

Can you TRUELY loose every single friend you've ever befriended ??? I mean I have guy friends but they don't really want me as a friend they want to be with me as bf & gf like life sucks right now I can't talk to no one I feel so alone :(
Sadgirl1116 Sadgirl1116
22-25, F
3 Responses Jan 21, 2013

I will be your friend no strings attaced

i'll talk to you and be your friend

Thank you in really appreciate it I really need someone to tell them about my problems

i would love to listen

Aww thank you :)

i'm alone too tbh. tried to push away people i used to call friends on purpose. not entirely sure why.

Sounds like what i did myself kind off or maybe they just made me feel like I did I really hate showing weakness but heck with that I am not asking anyone I know I would rather talk to a stranger :(