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I'm trying. I really am. But why do I feel so unwanted and overlooked?? Ive always been the loner type I guess. "why are you so quiet?" they ask. "I don't know.. That's just who I am". That was back in public schooling, I hated it. I've never had REAL friends that I could talk to or hang out with EVER. Someone that really cared for me. I love my family, don't get me wrong, it's all about family, but they love you regardless, you're not getting rid of them, but that's not really what I'm rambling about. More like I have this empty feeling inside of me that Im in it by myself, if that makes sense? Just a strange lonely feeling thats just compressing my soul. I'm not depressed, just lonely. I just want someone to talk to right now.. Is anyone even there??
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ya the strange lonely feeling that comes....I can understand that....

Amazingly expressed!!

I have a free ear for you.

Thanks. I usually get like this when I feel rejected by people. I don't like showing much emotion. But it really does build up until BOOM..

Oh boy do I know that my anger is the same way if i leave my nature unchained.

My problem is Creating and maintaining strong relationships with others. I dont understand that concept. Ive always had associates or acquaintances. No friends. It just boggles my damn mind how something as simple as friendship can be so hard?

It's because in the end friendships require time devotion connection and caring.

You're right. I just never let anyone get close to me. Im afraid of that. I don't know why.

Because you are human. Fear is a part of being human the other part of it is over coming that fear.

I watched this YouTube video the other day. This guy says think with your balls, not your head. Like when someone says "damn that guys got balls, he did that!". He was rambling but it made perfect sense to me. Stop over analyzing and shut your brain off everyone in a while.

Amen. It's basic.

What's your name?

Just call me Dragan. I'm not going by my real name here til my relationship get's sorted out.

Well I just wanted to thank you dragan for responding and conversating with me. I needed that. Good luck.

i m somewhat on the same boat i have only very few or only person whom i would call my friend and its taken years before i really feel that we re really friends....i m the type of person who fights my emotions i dont get it and i still dont till today...when i start to get close to someone i try to find ways to get away from that person.....i started off with my current friend by thinking that it was my obligation to help her out since we went to high school together but eventually i think i actually like hanging with her...we have a good relationship now i think its give and take i need to offload i call her she needs to offload she calls me but i still here(EP) coz i m a really emotionally ****** up person she s a optimists and i really bump her out sometimes when i share how i really feel....so baby steps a true friendship or a true bond cant be created overnight i think also better if that person is off the opposite sex.....start small find someone out off all your associates or acquaintances that you think might be a person whom you ll get along well with after that make an effort to hang out with that person but in the beginning try to just be there for that person and just listen coz if you re a bit emotionally unstable it s best not to scare them away before they know you then just give it time and hopefully over time the bond or friendship will grow (man i sound so gay and so unlike me) and yeah i thnk its easier to do this with the opposite sex....hope this helps

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