Got Lost?

hello there
well i am new here and glad to be part of it.
the story is that i live in qatar and graduated from highschool in 2011 when i was 17, though i havent had good results there (different when i was a kid) and always been an irresponsible person in the eyes of parents and family and the school staff.
the truth is that i wasnt , in fact i wasnt studying because i suffered socially because i had friends and i was a really good man and everybody cared about me i mean they truely loved me.
then i started to pickup some fights with everybody and isolated myself coz i thought that i will never need somebody to care about me besides my family.
after a while when everything got wasted i tried to fix it but it was too late.
so this affected my school grades and got expelled.
afterwards i applied to universities and none accepted me.
fortunately got accepted in one for the fall semester 2013.
so what do you think should i do during this long free time?
kol5ara kol5ara
18-21, M
2 Responses Jan 28, 2013

you should go for some movie or spend time wit the people u love bcoz when you already start class , you wil definitely dont hv time for em :)

In America, where we have to pay big money for education, young people often work and save money in the months before attending college. In general, maybe you should work on proving to yourself and others that you are mature and serious about learning to be an adult. Itt is still possible that something could happen to prevent you from going to school if you get into fights or be friends with bad people. Be careful, be good, and good luck.