my name is jessie.  i'm sixteen, scared, and need help.  i have been going through severe family problems that only seem to be getting worse and have become a bit suicidal.  if anyone else feels the same way, will they please talk to me.  i need someone.  anyone.

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please dont hurt yourself,i have been on the brink of suiside to,the feeling will pass,in the moment you just want it to end,later you feel greatfull you didnt follow through,life is full of ups and downs,hang in there.

I am here if you need to talk i have been where you are at.<br />
each day it is the same fight for me, but to end it would break a promise to the ones i love and no matter what i will never break that promise

**** life.... I hate life toooo..... But I value it. When I saw that little spider drowning in the sink I picked it up and released it outside. Why? Because it doesn't have 80 years to live like us! It has only a year. Life is very short, friends. Choose your decision wisely.

You have most of your life ahead of you.
Once you can escape the bad family stuff and begin your own life journey it will get better. Not always easy, but you'll be able to focus on your own stuff instead of the junk your family puts on you. You've made it this far. And you're so close to being 18 and able to begin your own life. Please don't end it before you've had a chance to begin it.

I'm available to listen or offer advice anytime.

Best wishes,
From me

Tell me your need ...aspirations ,desire ,thoughts .

I am going through the same thing. Message me or something if you need anything! You'll get through it!

I'm sixteen too ! :) yeh i know what it's like to go trough so much that you do get to a point that you wanna give up want escape the pain . But no matter how bad things get you mustn't give up .you've a life ahead of you . That's what used to keep me going , was my future . Talk to me ,I'd be glad to help with some of that weight off your shoulders.

I'm 52 and have been through a fair amount of family turmoil in my lifetime. I know it can be extremely difficult--I know it can--my father was an alcoholic and my mom abusive and depressed. But I survived and am now doing well.

Here's some advice and I think good advice--find something to cling to--i always clung to school and work and they both served me very well. Perhaps challenge yourself at something--a play, a subject, an outing.

I know those seem like simple things but hard work has always been a friend to me and I doubt will ever fail you. Let me know what you think.


sometimes i just feel like running away and like nobody will notice that you left, sometimes i just break down and just start crying i hate feeling this way and i hope you get better

Hi, Wt u want, mgs me 9710910720

I feel the same way sometimes and in fact I'm three years younger than you! I have 3 other siblings, my twin older sisters (both 18), and my older brother (14) than me (13)... Since there's a lot of us there is a lot of chaos...The arguments begin when Suzanne (one of the twins) talks about Cambridge (she'll be attending that next autumn)... Vanessa always gets annoyed, Mum tells them both to calm down, Sean (my brother) Agrees with Vanessa saying how irritating Suzanne is with her boasting about college, Dad yells at Sean to stay out of it and suddenly I scream on the top of my lungs because I just want everyone to shut up and eat dinner peacefully. This happens every night, sometimes its Vanessa that starts it and sometimes its Suzanne but it always end s with me screaming, I shouldn't have to do that every night just so I can eat my sunday roast in peace. The last time we had dinner as a proper family was 3 years ago when Uncle David visited, so we were on our best behaviour. It's been three years of screaming and arguing... And sometimes I wonder what life would be like if there was no such thing as arguing... Life would be a dream come true... <3<br />
Even though I'm quite young I know how it can feel and how you wish everyday... Once it became so extreme Suzanne walked out on us and came back really late at night, like midnight... I thought she died or committed suicide... 'I just needed space to think' was her explanation but I still worry if she's going to disappear again for even longer...

im older than you but i feel same n that panicky what do i do help feeling is torture.. im here xx

I would be more then happy to chat with you if you want to chat

I have also been going through some traumatic family issues as well. If you would like to chat, I am here for you hun.

If you need someone to talk to I'm here I'm not in your age group but i went through some simular things at your age maybe i can help...Blessings

hi im a psych nurse if you wana chat email me i'd be happy to help all i can x

I'm probably not in your age group by far. But I will help in anyway I can.