I'm 18, no job, no girlfriend, only a few friends, i never got any grades from school due to being expelled, i feel as though i've destroyed my life, i've been thinking suicidal for a while, yesterday seeing how some of my old schoolmates have turned out has only made it worse, they have everything, i have nothing, i need help, please...someone to talk to, someone to give me advice, anything..

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i am 12 and i have deppresion, i almost killed myself eariler this week. if it makes you feel any better, at least you made it that far, i dnot think i will.

I can understand how you feel and what you are going through, but not as it is in yokur heart and soul. Yet I would encourage you not to do suicide as Satan wins and without God only hell is next. There is hope for you while you're alive, and even more so as a young man! Try to get things turned around for your schooling, think seriously about college and what you might like to do, and experiment more with the good things that you love (i.e. drawing, photography, etc.) and see if something can be worked out of that. Take it from me, I am a 50+ year old man who had it hard in school but I didn't finish college and I didn't know what I really wanted to do. Now I am unemployed, uncertain of my future, but I do have hope by God's grace for things to be better. Draw on what you love for therapy, inspiration, and a means of venting out. Journaling would be good for you too, so hang in there and hold on... and work on making it better. Good luck!

There is always time to change, it can seem so far away but making small steps can turn it all around so fast. I would be happy to talk to you if you are still on here

It's up to you to make positive change in your life..... Why not go back to school and get your G.E.D? There are several programs out there where you can get certified for a job without a high school diploma....You have to want to make a effort to change though. It wont happen unless you do it yourself...

Dint had job for 10 months , else shared same story you did mate.... worst part was new in the country ... living with relatives ... when I dint wanted to study i dint .... but when wanted to then circumstances dint allow... can just tell you one thing ... if you don't believe in god then start believing and whatever happens dont loose faith ... every thing would be fine...

I'm here. I care. Really.<br />
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Seriously. Email or Formspring me if you need to talk.

you need to change your mindset. if you keep going back to the things you regret that you've done then its going to make you sad. you cannot undo your past, you can only focus on your future and its never too late to make a change. if you want to put things in order, work hard, re-enroll at another college and start all over then you can make that happen.

I feel like you do. Even when I make big steps in my life, I feel that others around me are doing better. I once went to a tarot reader and asked her what I should do when I find that darkness taking over me. Her response was simple and probably rehearsed, but even those that may take advantage of you say the right things sometimes. She simply said "You know what to do." My parents died when I was sixteen and I've been plagued by thoughts of suicide and aggression towards those who love me. I find fault in everything because my first parents were not there when I was weakest. But I rose up. I rose up from my own ashes. Phoenix like, you could say. My only consolidation is that I found the beauty in the simplest things. That's what I do. I find beauty. Never in people, though, because I must be careful with my heart. Looking at trees, flowers, grass, even feeling the wind...actually, it's the wind that gives me strength. You can't see it, but it can shape an ocean or wrap branches of a tree in many, many spirals. The loving trust of a pet, the messy beauty of dirt or a forest. Find a tree and hug it. Sounds silly, I know, but it's heartbeat is real. Humans hurt me often, but the earth provides, and does her own thing. Find beauty in her and you will see that darkness is not real. It is only the state of your mind that makes darkness take over. Open a window and let the breeze in.

I hope u re still alive to read this, please dnt kill urself, d situation has taken evrythin frm u, dnt give it ur life. u need someone to help u along this, hope u will find that help somhow. maybe in the smile of a stranger or the sound of the day. all u should know is this, though i dnt know u but I BELIEVE IN U. u are strong cos it takes strength to ask for help. I need help too, maybe u can help an old lady to carry her bags, or give a coin to someone in need. U can start by doing somthin very little to help somone, then u start feelin gud about urself.Do this first,

i had a day just like that yesterday..i am 27. but today i find out about a old friends failed marriage and of another's children being taken from the state. everyone feels low or has a down and out day. just remember that suicide is never the best option, you have to dig deep and find the reason you love yourself. i also like to rent a sad movie and cry my eyes out, it purges me. there is always time to find your way. the good thing about getting off the right path is that it is always still there waiting for you to get back on it. decide why you are feeling so low and make some moves to change your situation, it may take hard work but the idea of happiness and being successful can drive you. take pride in small victories and apprecite person hard work. good luck to you and i will add you to my prayers.

hey.. hope you're doing alright.. you're 18, its wayy too early to give up on urself! think of it as a challenge, and make the best of what youve been given.. sit down and list out your abilities.. ull then find a way to turn sth you like doing into a skill.. it wont be easy! u'll have to work hard to get there, but one things for sure! u definitely will be alright!<br />
give it some time, luckily for you, you have lots of that!!<br />
all the best :) write back if u ever need someone to vent to!

strangestranger..... wow what a name, anyways your so very young you know what i dont what to give you an advise i just want to say your crazy.... hahahahah... why? bec. i dont know you, so i dont know what to say... okay this is it.... don't lose your life ("gago") life is beautiful, if your are a bad person go on... maybe someday you may find yourself soon, just go on and on.. okay...

stranger stranger, if you want to talk, I'm here.

stranger stranger, if you want to talk, I'm here.

I agree education is the key. You are only 18. I went back to college when i was 28. You have time to turn things around. Honestly, you just begun to live life. go see a guidance counsellor at a nearby college and you may be surprised what options you may have as a mature student. Take your really is on your side. Good luck buddy (and try not to be so down on yourself).

Make some arrangements to educate is the key.......good luck

Email any of us and you will find someone who cares about you and will always be here to listen or give advise if you need can go to night school and get a degree GED then decide what you are good at either be it art, computer programs, electric, music just email us , as we are still thinking of you....not out of sight not out of mind but on our minds and hearts...

To gain direction in life you have to make some decisions. No-one should make them for you. You are unique. You have positive attributes. Happiness comes from the simple things. Expectations can be destructive so start simple. View yourself in a hallway - some doors are open, some shut. Some are locked (lol, usually those with the sign Lambourghini on it) and some unlocked. Try the ones you can open, you then have a choice. Choices are what you want to have in life. They are your opportunities. The permanent open doors are those such as free community courses. Volunteer at places such as animal shelters,community gardens etc. Opportunities lie everywhere in the most unexpected places. Dont be selective on where you wish to work. Any money is good money and see any menial job as a stepping stone to your next goal. Join a sports group or club of some kind to meet more people - you have to seek opportunities - they are not going to come to you sitting at home on the couch. Do not dwell on what you dont have. At the moment you are just sitting in the hallway - stand up and gather the courage to make a change. Walk through one of the open doors. It may be nerve racking but you have nothing to lose. Let me know how you go :)

You have plenty of time to turn your life around!!<br />
I think we all have regrets in life, and wish we had done things differently! I know i do and even at my age I'm still making mistakes..<br />
Its hard when others around us seem to be doing better than we are!! try and be positive and don't give up you'll get there !!