The Real Me

this is very difficult for me , for one my spelling is really bad and i thank god for spell checker, though sometime it doesn't always but in the right word , most people can understand it so i guess i will start by saying thank you, to the people that take the time to at least give me a chance to talk on here,

I'm looking for a friend someone that will help me thought this bad time in my life, a time were I've lost all trust in everyone , i time were i feel so lonely and empty ,someone that will put up with my feeling everyone is judging me . i want to be able to talk Openly and honestly about myself and not be scared I'm going to frighten you away... i know I'm not asking for much am i , but trust me I'm very mixed up about the person i am and what it is i want out of life, and what life has Left to offer me .

so if you think you can be that person please get in touch with me..... i really need a friend :)


susanfirth susanfirth
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hi,i just was told people cant understand what im writing,saying i have no education when they dont even know me,resently i was talking on line expressing my opinion on something,you know being me,and i was made to feel like crap about it,but if you want to talk im game,can you let me know if you had a problem comprehending this,thanks.

Many peole are like that. so what if your spelling and grammer are awful..there are hundreds of languages other than english. The language of thoughts ,words ,concepts ,signs to name a few .

Hello Susan and what are you doing for yourself? I understand what you're saying. You want someone to just listen, not ridicule you or make you feel bad for what you're honestly thinking. I know how that is. While you are waiting for a real friend to come your way, try doing journaling as a way to express yourself and do it the way that is easiest and free for you. Next, I would say to talk to God (the lover of your soul) and ask for His help. Find some ways for creative ex<x>pression, both in words in a journal but also some quite tangible things to do with your hands. Get out and enjoy the beauty of nature as God has bestowed it upon us. I hope you will find a soul with whom you can bare your soul in a zone of safety and comfort. You take care!

I understand completely how you feel. I was in the exact same situation easter last year. Loosing trust in those closest to you is a horrible thing to go through. You feel like there is nobody you can rely on when things are tough and hurt that they let you down. It's the most lonely feeling.<br />
You will get through it. It starts by forgiving those who have done you wrong and letting go of the anger. Just because I say forgive, doesn't mean you have to forget, or even tell them out loud that you forgive them. You just have to feel it and eventually it gets easier. Trusting them again is something I still dont know how to fix but good luck xox

Hi: I just joined a few minutes ago. I am a 49 year old male and I completely understand. For me -<br />
it is not about finding out who I am - I know who I am --but everyone else wants me to be someone<br />
else -- including those who are supposed to be closest - supposed to understand - but they don't - and I realize recently -- they never did understand.<br />
If you want someone to listen - maybe we can listen to each other.

If you still need a friend, I am willing to listen.

Since I am in the same world I would not mind hearing another persons sorrow over my own. Hit me up if you feel the need...meanwhile remember you are not alone!!

I second that suggestion, PEACE

Just a friendly word....I suggest whoever it is, be another woman..... *winks*