last time I told someone my biggest secret and they blocked me so u need to gain my trust first I'm 14 btw. I'll talk to anybody
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Dont share secrets with people on the'll always be permanent and u dont even know those people

Hi there

I am here for you.

CAUTION - every creeper on here just heard that on their predator radar. Please be careful.

I will thx u

That's why it's called a secret.. it's supposed to be hidden

thxz for making me feel like ****

Being depressed and sad.. is a common thing nowadays.. I had a similar experience with the one you had recently.. I dont really care if someone blocks me.. I'll be like .. "Eh. just fck it.. there's hell of a lot of other people in the world anyways".. If they blocked u just like.. they're probably not a deserving friend.. I've probably become kinda stone-hearted with the sh*t I've been through.. If you feel offended I apologize.. I constantly battling a lot of things right now..

Hi would you talk with me? :-)