I want someone who cares
A person that can really understand
I need to form a connection that is slow at first but turns into something strong later
Friend to me means someone that keeps it 100% real with you
No games no lies no egos
I need a real person to talk to
4u2heed 4u2heed
31-35, F
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Hiiiiii u r right

Do you only want to speak with a female friend or will a man do?

Anyone that are respectable

Unfortunately,i find even people that claim to be close friends,dont show when your having a real crisis.for me,friendships have been one sided for the most part,sad.

I understand that's what I mean 100 real and no ego traps bc it's not fair

Its not, a friend should be honest,i dnt even care if its something i dont wanna hear.its about trust.and there really isnt any of that in any relationships,which is a shame.

Once trust gone there's no point

I can try

I volunteer as tribute!

Cute thanx for the smile

Very welcome

I'm always here if you need, I'm looking for pretty much the same thing.

Please feel free to private message me anytime. I can listen and I will not judge you.

hey, i don't know about the egos part but i'm very real

I don't want to be ego boost for no one sometimes ppl keep certain someone around to make theirselves feel better which is wrong n not a true friend

aren't friends supposed to make u feel better ?

Of course be only if it's fair not that I'm there for u but when I need you could care less and only have me around as back up when u feel low

did i imply to u that i am that kind of person ?

I'm speaking objectively....ego with anyone can cause conflict I feel a friend is not self centered well what I want a friend to be like

we're all self centered to a certain extent

I'm not

i offered u my friendship out of goodwill but it appears that u want no friends

I must have miss that invite over the mentioning being self-centered...thanx but no thanx I explain what I meant not and you lost the offer


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