I want a friend... That i can talk to, trust, and truly believe in.
I want a friend that will listen and be there. They dont even have to help or do anything.
I just want a friend who is there.
I want a friend who isnt fake, who doesnt wear a mask, and someone that i can share my experiences and secrets with...
I am happy to say i have two friends like that right now. 1 irl, and one that lives somewhere else, but i would like to have more friends that i can talk to and trust. Bc ppl get busy etc and in the end i would like to meet someone else i can talk to ;(

Bc ik there is someone else just like me, and i really do want to just meet those types of ppl. Bc they are amazing
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2 Responses Aug 22, 2014

Me too, we can be friend, maybe?

i will be your friend =]
i just want someone to notice me for who i am
and i wish people would stop trying to label me