I Need Some Avice

Okay I quit my job of 19 years to go and help my dad with his new buisness. My entire famliy hates the area and wants to mive back. My old job has asked me to come back WOW right.

Anyway I love my Dad and Mom but i do not like the new job. My deal is i dont want to let my Dad down and feel bad for leaving him. How do you make yourself feel better about this or even get started telling him?


Please someone give some advice....Please

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2 Responses Mar 14, 2010

Would you want to make your children miserable and their family sad as well? No. You wouldn't expect your children to grow up, get married, and ignore their family's happiness to work with/for you. And your parents, most likely, don't want to do that to you. Explain to your dad that you will be taking your old job back. And tell your wife to pick out a little something sexy for that first time back in the old town. And let her reward you for doing the hard thing and being the man she married.

Dont know the business your Dad is in but could you just go back to your job and work part time for your Dad, thats like making everyone happy.