I'm Broken...and It's Never Enough...and Never Will Be.

I am a married 37 year old. I have been married for 10 years. I have three beautiful children that I love with all of my heart. My wife has basically fallen out of love with me. I would estimate that it happened about 2 years ago...I am very emotional person and she is the exact opposite...it wasn't always this way yet it is now helplessly this way. This has been killing me for years. I wish I had someone to talk to...


I am broken in the sense that I constantly need someone to love me..or fall in love with me...I go out of my way to seduce women (always truthful about my situation etc) just to feel that love and it always ends badly...God I wouldnt wish this on my worst enemy..

itsneverenough itsneverenough
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well... do you know for a fact your wife has fallen out of love with you? and um... you know affairs are horrid, complicated things... have you two talked? can't you come clean? do you need to break it off?<br />
or is this a been there done that tried this and nothing has worked thing? I don't know a thing about marriage... but I know its never good to feel lonely in a relationship. Or in want of someone to just *talk* to.... It sounds like something common place but talking really does weigh alot... so, I guess I'm just saying I understand how you feel on that. You'll need to come clean or cut out the extra curriculars eventually. Its not gonna be easy, but... the sooner the better.. so that you can recover. There are plenty of people who could love you and who want to be loved. And maybe its not too late with your wife. You've been married long enough... who knows. Maybe she has some reasons for being the way she is just as you have yours.<br />
Good luck with whatever happens. And well... this place is good for finding listeners!

I apologize if I came off as seeking someone. I'm trying to stop myself from doing what I do. Its destructive and I cant stop. Im involved with someone now as a matter of fact..=(

Although i am unavailable for romance (my fiance Tigerzback is on this site also), I would be happy to talk to you as a friend anytime you might care to right. I am very open minded and non judgmental.<br />
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