I Feel Lonely :( I Need New Friends

I feel so lonely these days


in high school i was with a larg hypcrite punch of girls where only 5 girls were real friends !

we used to hang out, chat about any thing ! and as we all were A students, we used to make studying scheduls and plans and we share the good and the bad things together !!

when high school finished, each one of us went to a different university


and ! DUH ! i was lonely and lost at the beginning


i spent one year and a half struggling to establish some relationships

at the end i met a girl , she was a very nice friend


but then, i decided to move out the university because i didn't like how things used to work there  . . or neither the system of teaching


any way, currently i am in my first  course in the new university


no barley two or three girls . .that i really don't know very well !!


my cousins "my two best friends" have just got married and have no time for me !


i feel sad


and i don't want to push myself on my BF because he is the only one who listen to me these days

but he is not always available !!


i really need some one to talk to, to go out with, to study with and to have some fun


we are having the midterms these days and i am really stressed . . this issue makes it harder to go through the journey alone !!



Hawra Hawra
3 Responses Apr 9, 2010

Sam . . i loved everything u said<br />
joining a club or sorority is the ideal thing <br />
which i think will work <br />
and yes! the people i have met are nothing more than "hi how are you"<br />
you were right in everything <br />
<br />
i will try to join some social activities in the university <br />
<br />
Thanks, you really lifted my feeling up <br />
<br />
and sure i will contact u soon ;)

Thaanx rjrussellshow <br />
i will follow your advice <3 i will try to meet some new people

Try going to Church. A non-denominational one. Pray and ask God to lead you to the one that is right for you and where you can meet some really good friends with similar dreams and goals as you have. I love my Church...and Church family. We do alot together...fun stuff...never boring! God Bless you!