Hello. I'm gonna tell how i end up here.
So, i was having problem with a friend. My friend blame me that we end up our friendship. I'm lonely and i need friend. I don't have any siblings or best friends that i can depend on. I've always try to have a friend but no one can seem to understand me. I may be a bit childish but i'm not as bad as you think. If you get to know me better, you'll understand me. I need a friend to talk to.
Thank you.
ClaraAnya ClaraAnya
1 Response Dec 2, 2012

Hey ClaraAnya.. I am open to speaking with you.. How is your day going so far?? Everybody needs friends

Hello mama12345678... Thank you. Well, i guess it's not so bad although i sometime feel lonely at school Yup, everybody does. How about you?